Credit Union Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery programs require a combination of people, process and technology.  Ongoing Operations uses our unique Credit Union Business Continuity Process combined with Credit Union Disaster Recovery technologies to create an enterprise level resiliency solution. In addition, we train the credit unions leadership and team to be experts in keeping their credit unions running and recoverable.   If a major event occurs, Ongoing Operations highly trained and experienced team helps facilitate the recovery.  To ensure your plan is on track –  all of our solutions include annual Disaster Recovery Testing.

Managed Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions

Information you'll want
Why Do I Need It?NCUA requires credit unions to have a fully developed and "living" BCP program. Without a plan, recovery is at best part luck and part good intentions. You need an online location to get to all of your plan documents
Why OGO?OGO is owned by credit unions and knows credit union disaster recovery better than anyone in the industry. Our team of consultants have over 50 years of credit union experience among them
What Are The Likely Outcomes?You will have a robust tool in place for activating departmental plans, incident management/response and maintaining a history of your DR/BCP efforts as required by NCUA.

Ongoing Operations provides everything a Credit Union (or any regulated security focused client) would need to both meet the NCUA requirements as well as to recover quickly and reliably.  Each product solves a specific problem and when combined and orchestrated together provides a fully managed credit union disaster recovery and business continuity solution.

disaster recovery as a service

Managed Disaster Recovery Solutions

Managed Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Product List

Business Continuity Planning
     Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
     Financial Impact Analysis (FIA)
     Technology Impact Analysis (TIA)
     Risk Assessment
     Crisis Management Notification System (CMNS)
     Table Top Exercises
     Integrated Vendor Management Portal
     Integrated Board Portal
     Password Sync
     Disaster Recovery Testing
Replicator V3 (data vaulting & server recovery)
Replicator V4 (data replication & server recovery)
Co-Location (custom equipment)
Disaster Recovery Connectivity
     ConnectorDR (credit, debit, and online banking connections)
     Backup Networks
     MPLS over VPN
     Backup SIP
     Backup Internet

Managed Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Features

Consulting FeaturesTechnology FeaturesCompliance Features
BCP SoftwareCo-Lo/Data CenterNCUA Compliant
Business Impact AnalysisAlternative Work SpaceCU Control Portal
Risk AssessmentData VaultingManaged Backup
Table TopData ReplicationIntegrated Testing
DR TestingConnector DRSSAE-16
Telecom RedundancyPCI Compliance

Credit Union Regulatory Requirements

Credit Unions are required by the NCUA to administer a Credit Union Disaster Recovery Program that does the following:

  • Assess the Credit Unions RiskCredit Union Disaster Recovery Business Continuity
  • Conduct a Business Impact Analysis
  • Mitigate the Risk
  • Apply the Appropriate Disaster Recovery Technology
  • Develop a documented recovery plan
  • Test the recovery plan at least annually
  • Test the Disaster Recovery Technology at least annually
  • Include an outside party to certify the test