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Tabletop or DR (Disaster Recovery) Test Scenarios for Credit Unions

Credit Union tabletop exercises

Table Top Scenarios

Are you contemplating conducting a disaster recovery test or tabletop exercise? If you are looking for new or creative ways to make your test more realistic, below is a list of ideas that Ongoing Operations sometimes uses with its clients:

Loss of Key Staff Scenariostabletop exercises

  • Plane Crash with critical personnel on board
  • Virus wipes out key staff
  • Major transit route issue prevents staff from getting to office
  • Strike or employee disruption event
  • Member protest prevents employees from getting to work

Loss of Key Data Scenarios

  • Plane Crash with critical data on board
  • Corruption of data in production environment
  • Disgruntled employee deletes/destroys key systems
  • Core system failure without spare parts

Loss of Key Infrastructure

  • Building fire
  • Transfer switch explosion
  • Fire in the data center
  • Truck crashes into the building
  • Critical switch or SAN failure

Obviously there are many other scenarios that can cause disruptions in Credit Unions, but these are a few Ongoing Operations has used with its clients.

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