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Best ways to Connect to your Cloud Managed Servers

cloud unmanaged server

If you are an existing Ongoing Operations community cloud client or thinking of using the Cloudworks cloud unmanaged servermanaged or unmanaged server this post will tell you your different remote administration options.

Microsoft RDP Option

  • RDP is used for access to manage or connect to a server.
  • It uses Microsoft’s remote desktop protocol to send local input (keyboard, mouse, etc) to the server and present the desktop screen and possibly sound.
  • Encryption is an option but the primary focus is on remotely managing and interacting with a specific server.
  • The default option for encryption on current servers (win 2008) is to auto negotiate a security level that the client can support. This does not guarantee a high level of security but with a modern desktop OS and Server OS the key strokes and screens can be encrypted as they travel back and forth.

VPN (virtual private network) Option

• VPN is a secure tunnel to bridge two networks or bridge a computer to a remote network. The virtual private network is focused on encrypting all traffic that flows through it to provide a secure way to connect.
• Some VPNs are between networks and firewalls or routers at each end create the VPN between the network for network communication flowing securely across the internet but safely accessible in the private networks from either end.
• Other VPNs are from a PC to a network.
• While there are SSL VPNs, even though download an application or use Java locally to establish a VPN tunnel for local application or network traffic.
• Most VPNs require a client on your computer that when you run it puts your computer on your work or a remote network. With your username and password you become part of the remote network and can access server, printers, and other network devices just as though you were at the office.

Ongoing Operations Cloudworks servers can support both methodologies. During your installation process you can designate which way you would like to connect to your Cloud Servers. Questions? E-mail us at