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What is a Hosted Virtual Desktop?

Hosted Virtual Desktop Applications

If you or your IT department is into “private cloud” or doing everything themselves or if you think remote workers are a terrible idea – than Hosted Virtual Desktops (VDI) and this post aren’t for you. If however, you like the idea of enabling your employees to securely communicate and have access to key business applications from any device with internet – read on.

Ongoing Operations believes that Hosted Virtual Desktop is the future of how Credit Unions and other organizations will deliver applications and Credit Union technology tools to their employees. A hosted infrastructure is only possible if the applications, databases, and data you are hosting are available to your employees in a unified and stream lined way. We are firm believers in what we sell and have used it for years. It isn’t perfect but we find it is generally a huge improvement and offers huge performance, security, and flexibility gains over traditional PC based environments.

In an effort to spread knowledge about hosted virtual desktop, we are initiating a series of articles designed to fully inform our readers about all aspects of virtual desktops. While we have already published numerous blogs describing features of and answering questions about virtual desktop, this new series will be a comprehensive approach to describing every aspect of implementing a virtual desktop solution (including the good, bad and ugly).Cloud or Hosted Virtual Desktop Applications

Some sample topics will include:

  • How does Hosted Virtual Desktop work?
  • What infrastructure does OGO use to run Hosted Virtual Desktops?
  • How do I manage my Hosted Virtual Desktop environment?
  • How do I implement a Hosted Virtual Desktop solution?
  • How much does Hosted Virtual Desktop cost, and how does OGO bill for it?
  • What Applications are available? Standard Office Apps? CU Apps?, the Microsoft Stack of Apps?
  • Am I a good fit for Hosted Virtual Desktop?
  • Who is not a good fit for Hosted Virtual Desktop?
  • What are the key features of Virtual Desktop that will improve my office?
  • How does Hosted Virtual Desktop perform when I…?
  • How is the Virtual Desktop Secure?
  • How is Virtual Desktop more secure than my current IT environment?
  • What impact on my current environment will Hosted Virtual Desktops have?
  • How do I sign up? What is OGO’s Virtual Desktop Sales Process?

We will not limit ourselves to just these topics, and will likely delve more deeply into topics that our readers find to be interesting or ask questions about. (Did you know you can ask questions by commenting on our blogs? We monitor comments closely for feedback and questions!)

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If you can’t wait for our series, fill out this quick form for instant gratification and we would be happy to give you the speed version!