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Difference between Hosted Lync Standard vs. Enterprise

hosted lync features

Hosted Lync Standard vs. Hosted Lync Enterprise

If you are looking for hosted Microsoft Lync and are comparing vendors,  you want to make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. In many cases, hosted Lync quotes are quoting Microsoft Lync Standard instead of Microsoft Lync Enterprise and there is a BIG difference.

Hosted Lync Enterprise Does the Following:

  • Eliminates complexity
  • Provides a single tool for communicating
  • Makes you more productive

Hosted Lync Standard vs. Hosted Lync Enterprise

Hosted Microsoft Lync enables you to chat, video chat, see if someone is available, make phone calls, screen share, record calls, and much, much more. In the instant messaging and presence (or knowing your office team members status) categories, Hosted Lync Standard and Enterprise are basically the same.  The main differentiators are seen when trying to use the Audio, Video and Web conferencing tools.  The chart below provides an overview.

hosted lync features


The beauty of Hosted Microsoft Lync Enterprise is that it adds great features and functionality beyond standard. These features warrant the extra money by making your team and your customer interactions much more efficient. These features also most liekly displace some existing costs.

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