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5 Top Hosted Lync Benefits

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Hosted Microsoft Lync Benefits

cloud microsoft lync, hosted lync benefits

There are five key hosted lync benefits.  These include:

  • Reduced Corporate Travel
  • One Tool For: Meetings, Screen Shares, Chat, Video Calls, and Phone Calls
  • Presence
  • Advantages of Hosted
  • Integration with Mobile Devices

Reduced Corporate Travel

Ongoing Operations rolled out Microsoft Lync in June of 2012 to all of our employees. Our employees are located in 8 or 9 different states and we lost a lot of time and money to corporate travel.  We went cold turkey in July and eliminated all corporate travel for about 6 months.  Consequently, we saved almost $10 to $15k a month in corporate travel immediately.  In addition, employees were way more available as nobody was in the air or not available while in route.  All in all – it was awesome.  We still get together once a quarter or so – but we greatly reduced our corporate travel and learned how to collaborate and communicate via Hosted Microsoft Lync.

One Tool

It used to be that we had Logmein, GoToMeeting, instant messenger, Skype and a phone system.  That meant five user names and passwords and endless conflicts and troubleshooting of technology. It also meant secure and confidential information that was not always in our control.  Hosted Lync greatly reduced all of that.  We now have one tool that does all of these – Hosted Microsoft Lync.  The good news is that it does all of them pretty much better than before.  The mash-up and combination of all of them make for a great communication tool that is much simpler to use and great for communicating internally or externally.

Click here for a comparison of Hosted Lync to GoToMeeting


One of the simple but nice benefits of Hosted Microsoft Lync is Presence or the fact that Lync will automatically check Hosted Exchange and determine the following:

  • Availability (based on your outlook calendar)
  • Tag (alert you when the person becomes available)
  • Status (on the phone? in a meeting? out to lunch?)

This additional bit of information really helps in a service setting when you need a key resource to solve a problem and need to track them down.

Advantages of Hosted

Of course you could go buy some servers, setup Microsoft Lync, and run it for yourself – but there are some key benefits of using HOSTED Microsoft Lync.  These include the following:

  • Don’t worry about maintenance, patching, or updates
  • Pay only for the users you want
  • Don’t worry about support (we will do that for you)
  • No more hardware concerns or utilization concerns
  • Disaster Recovery and Backups are handled for you
  • Don’t worry about bandwidth – we will monitor and let you know when you need more (Click here for a Hosted Lync Bandwidth Estimator)

Integration of Mobile Devices

Microsoft is really getting this part right.  They have released Android, Apple and Samsung Applications that integrate directly with Hosted Microsoft Lync.  This means your end users can download the application, configure it easily, and be chatting, updating, and communicating wherever they have a mobile device and an internet connection.

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