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Is Your Credit Union Telecom Strategy Outdated?

Credit Union telecomVoice communications are extremely important to your Credit Union. This post will dive into Credit Union telecom. From your call centers to your collections office, your members and staff rely on solid voice capabilities.  In fact, voice/telecom systems are often listed as critical during the Business Impact Analysis (BIA).  Yet each week I see Credit Union’s still bogged down in complex legacy on-premise phone systems supported by traditional telecom trunks and lines.

The growth of cloud computing and “managed services” is not exclusive to the mail server and core application world. Your voice communications rely on the same basic requirements (hardware, software, communication) that any other “application” and smart Credit Union CIO’s are taking advantage of the newer platform to radically reduce vendor costs and improve productivity. Let’s look at some of the advantages of ditching your PBX:

  • Ditch the hardware – Getting rid of the hardware and all those wiring closets should be liberating! You will also be freeing up valuable IT resources to focus on more business aligned goals such as data mining and new product innovations.
  • Flexibility – The miracle of VoIP is that incoming and outgoing calls can be routed according to your will. You can establish virtual offices that look as if they are all in one location. The time to launch new locations is significantly reduced as well.
  • Disaster Recovery – Let’s face it, you lose your PBX you are in big trouble. And replacement doesn’t happen over night. Traditional telecom strategies have glaringly large singe-points-of-failure. Managed telecom providers have built in redundancies for hardware, software and communications. It is financially infeasible for most Credit Union’s to build out a DR solution like that.
  • Scalability – I’ve been through a PBX cutover – it wasn’t fun. In fact – the IVR started talking German to our board chairman when it didn’t receive a response to any of the call prompts. (I’m guessing it assumed we couldn’t understand one language so it switched to another!). Between that and the sheer complexity of coordinating a hardware install along with local and long distance service providers it was a nightmare.  Scaling a hosted solution is much simpler – in other words, normally just a phone call to your provider.
  • Managed For You – Do you have dedicated telecom staff at your Credit Union? Or is that function an “other duties as assigned” situation where IT has taken it over due to the inherent technological complexities? With hosted/managed telecom, that work is done for you. You control the strategic direction and your provider handles the day-to-day operations and admin.

It’s time to let go of your old PBX and take advantage of the scalability and cost savings of managed services.  And not just your PBX but it’s time to rethink your telecom service strategies. Reach out today to get a complimentary assessment of your current strategy. As a CUSO, we are here to help you develop solutions that support your Credit Union goals.

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