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Meeting Credit Union IT Compliance Requirements through Better Reporting


Compliance, Compliance, Compliance – It kind of reminds you of that old Real Estate saying “Location, Location, Location” doesn’t it?  Well, in many ways, making decisions for your CU that helps you meet your compliance needs is just as important as location is when talking about real estate.

Meeting compliance is one of the biggest stresses we hear from Credit Union staff on a regular basis.  We hear things like “we are so bottle necked trying to keep up with our compliance documentation, we neglect core projects that would greatly benefit our members” or they directly ask us “Can you come up with a solution that will save our staff time and keep the NCUA off our backs?”  During recent advisory board meetings with Credit Unions, these were the most common concerns/needs we were hearing.

At OGO, we understand that while Credit Unions come in all shapes and sizes, their compliance requirements do not.  The under $100mm in assets CU’s have to comply with the same requirements expected from the $1bb+ Credit Unions – the only problem is, the smaller CUs can’t afford the same manpower as the larger ones.

So the solution… automate.

The more automation you can attach to your daily processes like Windows Patching, A/V deployment/monitoring, 3rd party application patching, inventory/asset/warranty tracking, backup management, etc…  The more ability you will have to report on these processes through automation platforms such as Ongoing Operations CU Control.

With CU Control, you can setup your automation schedule custom to your Credit Union’s needs.  Then, when you are ready, at the push of a button you can create reports showing your deployment schedule, processes, and results – allowing you to prove your compliance with ease.  Before CU Control, Credit Unions were required to document every change, make notes, update the calendar, and file results.  With CU Control, every change you make is automatically documented, tracked, and presentable when you need it.  You don’t have to worry about tracking every decision in two places, because it is done automatically for you, saving your staff time, and taking the concern of human error out of the equation.

To learn more about how IT automation and reporting can directly and immediately improve your ability to meet your compliance needs, reach out to one of our experts today!

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