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What is a QBR and should a credit union require it from their strategic IT service providers?

Many clients ask for metrics and SLAs when it comes to their IT performance related to key vendors. One tool that can provide such insight is Ongoing Operations’ QBR (Quarterly Business Review) report.

Whether in-house or hosted, IT departments need visibility into their infrastructure. This includes the following key areas:

• Network / Telecom
• Disaster Recovery and Backups
• Cyber Security Readiness
• Server and Storage hosting

Each of these areas have specific metrics that help keep the credit union on a path to effectively managing or outsourcing these functions.

Telecom or Network

When it comes to telecom, topics of discussion include uptime, latency, quality of performance, and capacity.

Server and Storage Hosting

Concerning hosting, we want to talk about uptime, patching, backups, number of tickets, and server uptime.

Disaster Recovery and Backups

In relation to DR, we are interested in backups. We want to work with clients to make sure they are meeting or exceeding the RPOs and RTOs that they desire.

Cyber Security Readiness

When it comes to security, topics of interest are patching, anti-virus, and ensuring that the client has a secure infrastructure and is meeting the policies that they have put forth.

Ongoing Operations believes strongly in enabling our clients with self-service tools as well as full transparency into the good, bad and ugly of how the platform is performing (mostly good!). With the QBR, we sit down and discuss all of these metrics with our clients to guarantee that they have all the necessary information.

If you would like to schedule a QBR with us, contact us below. A discussion with Ongoing Operations around a QBR report can give you the metrics you need to clarify your IT performance.

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