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Advantages of Managed Hosting

In this blog we will dive into the advantages of managed hosting. There are many advantages of having your production environment within Ongoing Operations’ managed environment rather than running it in-house at your Credit Union.

Once you are running in the managed environment, if you ever need more resources for a server, or if you need a new set of servers for a new application or solution that you’re putting in place, Ongoing Operations can bring those resources up in a matter of hours or days (depending on what you’re looking for in terms of resources and connectivity).

Traditionally, in a credit union that runs their own VMware stacks and storage network, those are capital expenditures that are committed to over a period of years. In that case, if you run into a situation where your resources are capped out and you want to bring in a new system, or you’re doing an upgrade that requires a lot more resources than the previous version – you’re stuck. You have to have either add an additional cap $X out-of-budget, or you have to delay that project. On the other hand, with Ongoing Operations, the sky’s the limit in terms of how many servers you would need. We have credit unions that are running approximately 2-3 servers, while we also have credit unions running upwards of 80 servers in their production environment.

Working within Ongoing Operations’ managed environment lets your credit union:

  • be a lot more flexible
  • allows you to pay only for what you need in that particular moment
  • allows you to be better prepared for your credit union’s technology needs in the future

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