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How Does Ongoing Operations Meet NCUA Compliance Standards?

Remote Working Security Assessment For Credit Unions

The financial arena is no stranger to strict rules and regulations. NCUA compliance standards for credit unions are rigorous, and trusting your credit union’s adherence to legal statutes can feel like a tall order. How do you know you can count on a third-party security consultant to meet compliance standards?

For better or for worse, we live in a world structured by laws (okay, but it’s probably for the better). We all know the major laws: don’t attack people, don’t drive 105 miles per hour in a school zone, and don’t start fires in buildings or forests. No matter where we go in the country, we know we can count on these laws being in full effect.

Some laws are less obvious or well known, and they range from helpful to laughable. For example, bicycle commuters in Idaho don’t have to stop at every stop sign or intersection if the way is clear, it’s illegal to sell your children in Florida, pickles “must bounce” in Connecticut, and in some parts of Washington, you could face a fine for poaching Bigfoot. Depending on your field, your expertise, or your trivia team’s dominance, you might know a lot about the law. Then again, you might not even know about the litany of regulatory measures dictating the day-to-day minutiae in your own life.

We Know the Rules

The Ongoing Operations security engagement team works very closely with the National Credit Union Association (NCUA) and the internal auditors of your credit union to make certain that we leave no stone unturned in our quest for full compliance.

Instead of worrying about whether you know all the applicable regulations facing your credit union’s IT security, allow yourself to focus on your pressing daily operations. With our security consultation solutions, we manage the red tape for you.

Our Checklists Match-Up

When auditors and examiners evaluate your systems, you’ll want to know that your setup is fully compliant. They’ll have their eye on several different practices and processes. What we do is learn not only how best to keep your network secure, but we also learn how to meet and exceed compliances; that way, when someone examines your system, they’ll run through the same list that we do.

It isn’t surprising that a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) offering security and compliance services might have a strong understanding of regulations. Nevertheless, we strive to stay abreast of new rules so that we can remain one step ahead of the game. From firewalls to anti-spam, patching to compliance reporting, Ongoing Operations has a firm handle on the latest in protection.

Peace of Mind

Through years of experience helping credit unions increase their information security, we’ve discovered that we can provide a couple of intangibles to credit unions looking for a leg up. Not only are our security solutions ahead of the game, but we’ve also discovered that the NCUA likes working with third-party specialist consultants. They know that we’ve dedicated our livelihoods to the specific purpose of enhancing security and exceeding compliance.

Finally, and in many ways most importantly, we provide credit unions with the peace of mind that comes only with knowing that you’re entrusting your security and compliance to a group of hardworking, committed professionals.

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