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Second in Command Podcast featuring Jonathan Derby


Ep. 26 Ongoing Operations, Operations Manager Jonathan Derby

Click the image above to hear from Jonathan Derby, COO of Ongoing Operations.

Jonathan oversees the management of Ongoing Operations’ computer and network security. He has dedicated the last five years to creating a cloud platform for credit unions that allows them to compete with large retail  banks. He is a solution-oriented leader that excels at communication, process development, and building lasting team relationships. He has recently been expanding his interests in scaling managerial services and creating incentives for employees to reach operational and sales goals.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Why Ongoing Operations employs US based trained technicians as opposed to outsourcing internationally.
  • How Jonathan stays on top of fast changing tech security.
  • Jonathan’s experiences at Sept COO Alliance CEO+COO Event.

Interesting Highlights:

  • Challenges and benefits of working with a remote CEO.
  • Why Jonathan turned down the position of COO for awhile and his transition of taking the position once he was ready.
  • Jonathan’s keys to executing his vision for Ongoing Operations.

Click here to listen. 

Learn more about Jonathan here.