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What is Unique About Ongoing Operations’ Credit Union Disaster Recovery Solution?

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the last few years, it’s that natural disasters affect countless thousands of Americans every year. Fires, storms, floods, and the occasional polar vortex threaten just about every person and every business. Accordingly, credit unions are required by the NCUA to prepare for such crises through disaster recovery planning.

However, while NCUA requirements are often fairly constricting for credit unions,disaster recovery is an important consideration. It’s one of the few times whenyou can safely wonder, “are NCUA requirements enough?”

If you’re looking for credit union disaster recovery solutions, there are a fewthings you should consider.

There are a few disaster recovery solutions out there for credit unions. What makes Ongoing Operations’ solution different?

For Credit Unions, By Credit Unions

Let’s face it: the credit union industry is a strange beast. We offer many of the same services as other financial institutions, but we focus more on the  financial health and wellbeing of our members. Not only that, but our ties to the state mean that not only are we beholden to their strict rules and regulations, but we’re not-for-profit to boot.

All this leaves credit unions without a strong operating budget with which to satisfy stringent operating requirements.

So, when it comes to disaster recovery solutions, which would you prefer?

  • A plan created, tested, and implemented by your already-overworked operations staff
  • A plan from a disaster recovery provider who works with a wide range of businesses
  • A solution developed by longtime credit union disasterrecovery specialists

Most of the people at Ongoing Operations are former longtime credit union executives and IT staff. The company was formed in the wake of the September 11th attacks, and we have since expanded our services to address a broad number of business continuity and disaster recovery issues.

Our experience working in and now for credit unions ensures that we are uniquely poised to understand, sympathize with, address, and work through or around credit-union-industry-specific challenges.

Working with an IT-Based CUSO

In general, credit union service organizations exist to fill in gaps where credit unions need help. Because of the aforementioned NCUA requirements, credit unions frequently find themselves demonstrating compliance rather than moving forward with updated member services.

Credit union IT departments, in particular, tend to be understaffed (that’s where most of us started, so we’re well aware). Additional work and responsibilities for IT means that they’re stretched thin—so thin that they may not have the time or resources to pursue many necessary tasks. Because disaster recovery isn’t a practical daily necessity, it’s easy for IT staff to cut corners in lieu of more urgent issues.

What disaster recovery specialists like Ongoing Operations offer is a well-considered, robust approach to business continuity planning. Not only do we have the expertise, but we have the time to put together a comprehensive and effective solution.

Outsourcing your credit union’s disaster recovery to an IT-oriented CUSO with decades of business continuity planning, disaster recovery, and IT experience in the credit union industry means that you’ll be very, very well taken care of.

Get a Head Start on Your Credit Union’s Disaster Recovery

If you’re concerned about your credit union’s approach to disaster recovery, you can use our disaster recovery checklist to get started.

If you’d like to learn more about how your credit union can prepare for business continuity or disaster recovery, click here for related content.

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