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The Top Three Credit Union Security Threats

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An exhaustive list of threats to your credit union’s network would take quite a lot of time, energy, and text space. Fortunately, we’ve come up with a format that’s a lot more salient and enjoyable. In this article, we’ll discuss our top three credit union security threats for networks and information.

Surely, at some point in your life, you’ve watched a horror movie. There are many types, from the supernatural with ghosts and demons, to the parodic with wigs and gags. One of our favorite genres is the slasher films, because they capture something that the other movies can’t: a touch a realism.

We know it’s unlikely that a stranger in a Halloween mask will run through our office with a machete, and for that, we’re thankful. However, through the clichés lies a kernel of truth. That little twist near the end? Where the call comes from inside the house? Okay. We admit it. That worries us.

1. Insider Security Threats

The call is coming from inside the house! More accurately, we’re worried of an insider threat. Get it? Sorry.

At Ongoing Operations, we’ve noticed that an uncomfortably high number of security breaches come from insiders. IT professionals, system administrators, or anyone with access to loads of data and who operate with little oversight.

We’re not saying you should install cameras in their offices or put anyone through a lie detector test—that would be outlandish. However, we do notice enough security breaches coming from the inside that it makes the number one spot on our list.

2. Phishing Attempts

The call is coming from inside the house! Okay, not quite. But you see a pattern here, right?

One of the other most common threats to information security that we see at credit unions comes from phishing attempts. We’ve already written a blog about the dangers of phishing, but it bears repeating here: phishing emails target your employees and trick them into giving entryway to computers, domains, networks, email, and anything else a scammer can access with a username and password.

Most phishing threats now have become pretty sophisticated. Gone are the days of the Nigerian princes. Now are the days of Unauthorized Login Attempt: please enter your username and password to verify that you are an authorized user.

Phishing attempts of this sort aren’t quite as easy to spot or avoid. Unfortunately, sophisticated phishing attempts translate to information security threat issues for credit unions.

3. Malware and Other Online Threats

The call is coming from inside… the computer. Okay, so it’s not quite the house, although computer do house a lot of information. We’ll let it slide, because horror movies.

The last major threat we see is malware. At this point, most of the malware that we deal with isn’t even clicked or downloaded—it gets pushed through your browser and immediately gets to work on your computer.

You can put your network at risk simply by opening a browser. It takes a robust security suite to identify, prevent, and remove these types of threats. Fortunately, we’ve got some ideas about how to address those security threats here.

Combating Credit Union Security Threats

Our top three fears are insider-related, either through malevolence or through carelessness. On the bright side, if we’re sticking with the horror movie theme, at least the bad guys rarely win

 Even better, with proper planning and good decision-making, most horror movie plots could be avoided entirely. Just don’t go into the basement alone.

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