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New Scheduling Procedure for DR Tests (Effective Q3 of 2019)

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Here at Ongoing Operations (OGO), we are always looking for ways to improve our customer experience and make the simplest of tasks even easier for our clients.

My name is James Mascolo and I lead the Disaster Recovery Testing team at OGO. We are excited to announce, starting in Q3 of 2019 that we will be implementing a new way for you to schedule your DR Tests. We are hoping to have clients schedule earlier and in a more automated fashion. The goal is to have all clients scheduled by January 1 of 2020 for the new year. I have included instructions below to give you a preview of what is coming and a chance to formulate any questions that you may have so that you will be prepared for the Q3 launch of this new process. Again, this is just a preview, we will be sending an official email campaign kickoff in Q3.

  1. Fill out the first 2 tabs of the SOW workbook and be sure to include, at a minimum, 3 sets of dates in which to schedule your test. The notes section on the right-hand side of the first tab can be used for the multiple dates as well as any notes you would like to include for the test.
  2. If you are testing any 3rd party or core connections, please contact your vendor before submitting the SOW due to the fact that some vendors have certain windows they perform DR Tests in so that we avoid scheduling conflicts.
  3. Submit your SOW as an attachment here. Please note we will not schedule any dates for your test without a fully completed SOW submitted through the landing page listed above.
  4. After we receive your completed SOW and review the dates requested, we will follow up to let you know which date we have scheduled for your test.
  5. Please submit the SOW 45 days before your earliest requested date for a test that ONLY includes server restores. Any test that involves 3rd party connections or core recovery must be submitted 75 days prior to your earliest scheduled date so your test can be fully scoped and staffed.
  6. 30 days prior to your test date we will schedule an SOW technical call to review the test in detail and work out any issues, questions or concerns.

Please note the lead times we need to schedule your test. We want to be as prepared for you as you will be for us. Once you have reviewed the process above, please reach out to us at with any questions you may have on regarding our new process.

Thank You!