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How to Add Blacklists on Hosted Exchange

hosted e-mail blacklist

Do you want to receive less spam? Or are you worried that your email is getting blacklisted? Maybe you just want to block a few unwanted senders…

If you don’t like managing and troubleshooting blacklists, then this post is for you. We’ll provide a quick overview of the difference between whitelist and blacklists. Then, we’ll address regularly asked questions about black- and whitelisting when using hosted exchange.

The Difference Between Blacklists vs Whitelists

What Is a Blacklist?

blacklist or block list is a basic access control mechanism that filters out unwanted, unsafe, or untrustworthy materials from your email. The blacklist allows all mail to come through your exchange unless it features an element that you have explicitly forbidden (such as specific email addresses, users, URLs, etc.). Any items on the list are “blacklisted” and denied access.

What Is a Whitelist?

The opposite of a hosted exchange blacklist is a hosted e-mail whitelist, which means only items on the list are let through whatever gate is being used. With whitelists, access is restricted for everything except the sanctioned elements (specific email addresses, users, URLs, etc.).

FAQs About Hosted Exchange and Blacklists

Want to find out if you are on a blacklist by accident? Click here

Can you import your list features over to Ongoing Operations hosted e-mail?

Nope. The good news is that our Cisco Ironport solution is really good at blocking and preventing spam, so you probably won’t need to move over existing lists. The bad news is that there will probably be a couple of things that get through. The Ongoing Operations engineers will configure and update the solution properly to ensure that doesn’t continue.

How does Ongoing Operations’ Hosted Exchange blacklist solution work?

Ongoing Operations’ hosted exchange platform leverages multiple Cisco Ironport appliances to handle anti-virus and anti-spam services for all users. The Ironport appliance is so proficient at anti-spam that we rarely (if ever) have a false positive, and very little spam gets through to a mailbox.

What if I’m still getting spam after the hosted exchange setup?

If a client believes their messages are erroneously blocked or are receiving unwanted spam, they should contact Ongoing Operations’ support or submit a ticket to have the issue resolved.

Because the Ironport devices are shared across all users, we do not provide individual organizations access to the platform’s whitelists and blacklists.

Final Thoughts on Hosted Exchange Blacklists

Ultimately, if you use the Ongoing Operations Hosted E-mail solution, you are paying us to provide this service. We’re pretty good at it, so if you are used to managing it yourself today, your life is going to get a lot easier!

You can learn more about Ongoing Operations’ Hosted Exchange solution here.

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