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You Already Have Security—Do You Need CISOaaS?

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As vCIOs, we get a lot of questions about information security from credit unions. One of the most common questions we get these days is this:

“Why should we consider bringing on Ongoing Operations when we already have an in-house information security officer?”

It’s a great question, and we’re happy to answer it in this blog.


In-house Security May Be Inadequate

Certainly every credit union has someone on their IT team who handles some information security duties. But what we’ve found is that typically, the staff or the information security officer isn’t dedicated to that role. Rather, they’re assigned that position as part of their job.

These IT experts tasked with security often juggle many other duties, and their ability to stay up to date with current risks is consequently compromised. Additionally, when something goes wrong, these staff typically have to silo into the correction. They’re not always best trained to manage the correction and be able to bring in other resources within the organization.

The fact is, many credit unions simply don’t have much IT resource depth. Their people are stretched thin, expected to play several roles and wear many hats.

And that’s where Ongoing Operations really want to help.


Dedicated Experts Make a Difference

So, the issue is that most in-house information security staff at credit unions can’t stay on top of current trends and risks. They’re pulled in too many directions, so they can’t contribute truly meaningful time and effort toward security.

A dedicated Chief Information Security Officer would certainly address that. They would be singularly focused on improving the credit union’s security posture. Overall, the Ongoing Operations CISO as a Service system offers an incredible resource for credit unions.

Furthermore, the years of expertise and experience serving multiple credit unions adds another layer of safety to the CISOaaS solution. Even credit unions with full-time information security officers can benefit from having a fractional CISO on staff. That dedication and experience often turns slow, murky processes into fast, reliable ones.

Additionally, the provided CISO makes an excellent sounding board and reference guide. The CISOaaS resource can truly help your credit union, especially when something is going wrong. They’ll help to quickly find resolutions and create better protections for the future.

Finally, the provided CISO helps when you have to report to the board. They offer another voice, another set of experiences, and another set of eyes to develop that report. They’ll help to determine what happened, why it happened, how you fixed it, and how to prevent future incidents like it.

CISOaaS Strengthens Your Security Posture

Even though many credit unions have someone to handle information security in house, they rarely bring the same level of experience and expertise. More importantly, they simply may not have the time to focus adequately on security!

If you’d like to strengthen your security posture, bringing on a CISO will absolutely help. For most credit unions, the most reliable and cost-effective option is a CISOaaS solution. It’s much cheaper than you’d expect.

Want to learn more? Please fill out this short form and we’ll be in touch to review your specific needs! Or visit the CISOaaS service overview page now.

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