We Know Credit Union IT.

No one knows Credit Union IT challenges like we do.

In a world where many companies are trying to be everything to everyone, we’re a different animal. Credit Union IT. And only Credit Union IT.

Our experience, our expertise, our passion, and our strength are all in providing end-to-end Credit Union technology solutions.

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That’s because Ongoing Operations is owned and operated by Credit Unions, with a team made up of former Credit Union executives and highly skilled subject matter experts. The industry has been in our DNA since the day we were created, with a concentrated purpose of helping Credit Unions:

  • Deliver solutions that simplify the Credit Unions IT operations
  • Provide results that they can’t find or afford elsewhere
  • Meet the unique security, compliance and service requirements of the industry

Our people and our expertise make the difference. We have seven former Credit Union technology executives on staff.  We have hundreds of years of experience designing Credit Union technology.  And we’ve been through hundreds of NCUA audits, experienced hundreds of disaster recovery tests and hundreds of live recoveries.


We love IT infrastructure, delivering an amazing customer experience, and will do whatever it takes to help a client.

What can we do for you?

To learn more about the OGO team and what we can do for you, contact us for a consultation or browse our downloadable eBook library for topics that match your current needs.