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How Much Does Managed Recovery for Credit Unions Cost?

Usually, work is uneventful. You get caught up in routines. Your colleagues make hilarious jokes about Mondays. Somebody says, “hump day,” and everybody glares. All is right at your credit union. Then, something really crazy happens. Maybe it’s an earthquake. Maybe it’s a virus. But whatever it is, it’s a disaster. Your credit union goes…

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PG&E Power Shutdown: What You Need To Know

California’s wildfire crisis will enter an unprecedented new stage Wednesday, October 9th, as PG&E plans to begin cutting power to approximately 800,000 customers, shutting down the electric lines that have sparked many of the state’s worst blazes. This has set off a chaotic scramble of people preparing for an outage that could last a week…

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What Does a Credit Union Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Cost?

One thing is for certain: your credit union needs a business continuity plan (BCP). But how much will it cost? And what contributes to that cost? Whether you’re trying to figure out your 2020 budget, or just trying to satisfy NCUA requirements, it’s best to have all the information. So, read on to learn what…

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DIY Patching vs Managed Patching for Credit Unions

Many Americans are starting to worry that their information isn’t safe. It’s a reasonable fear. After all, security breaches to Equifax and Capital One show that even massive financial institutions are at risk. And such breaches are only expected to increase in the coming years. With that in mind, it’s more important than ever that…

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What Are the Basics of Managed Patching for Credit Unions?

One of the cornerstones of cybersecurity practices is patching. Now, patching isn’t glamorous work, but it’s just the sort of work that keeps your credit union—and all of its members—safe. Patching is also mandatory, so there’s that. And it’s surprisingly tedious. And, for a security requirement required by law, it’s surprisingly easy to put off…

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NACUSO Network 2019

Another terrific NACUSO Network conference is in the books! Ongoing Operations was proud to be a Gold Sponsor at the event. Also, thanks to all who came out to the Padres game with CU 2.0, Ongoing Operations, XDI, Constellation, and LiveSurvey. Check out some photos from our week in San Diego below!

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Are there Benefits to Migrating to Office 365 for Credit Unions?

Microsoft’s Office 365 provides unparalleled productivity for private users, students, and businesses alike. However, because it’s a relatively new product, some are reluctant to adopt it. Here are a few benefits of moving to Office 365. And before we go too far, let’s get a few things straight. We don’t condone moving to a platform…

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