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How Much Does a Credit Union Server Backup Cost?

Have you ever played a computer or console game? Have you ever forgotten to save? And then lost minutes or hours of progress? Did it make you want to scream? Well, that can happen with credit union data, too. Except the stakes are a lot higher than with a computer game. That’s why you need…

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How Much Does Managed Recovery for Credit Unions Cost?

Usually, work is uneventful. You get caught up in routines. Your colleagues make hilarious jokes about Mondays. Somebody says, “hump day,” and everybody glares. All is right at your credit union. Then, something really crazy happens. Maybe it’s an earthquake. Maybe it’s a virus. But whatever it is, it’s a disaster. Your credit union goes…

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What Does a Credit Union Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Cost?

One thing is for certain: your credit union needs a business continuity plan (BCP). But how much will it cost? And what contributes to that cost? Whether you’re trying to figure out your 2020 budget, or just trying to satisfy NCUA requirements, it’s best to have all the information. So, read on to learn what…

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The Art of Credit Union Disaster Recovery Tabletop Exercises

I won’t pretend to know much about theater. It’s just not my specialty. And yet, here I am, trying to explain credit union disaster recovery tabletop exercises by making a theater analogy. Here goes. Long Before the Show: Rehearsal In theater, your goal is to be ready for something: opening night. But you can’t just…

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