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P3 – Plan, Prepare, Protect

How Much Does a Credit Union Server Backup Cost?

Have you ever played a computer or console game? Have you ever forgotten to save? And then lost minutes or hours of progress? Did it make you want to scream? Well, that can happen with credit union data, too. Except the stakes are a lot higher than with a computer game. That’s why you need…

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What Are Your Options to Recover Your Servers?

So, you have a disaster. What are your credit union server recovery options? Take a deep breath. Sure, things aren’t going well right now. Maybe your SAN died. Maybe a server isn’t booting. Maybe you have malware. Whatever the reason, stress is high and everyone at your credit union is watching your every move. Of…

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3 Tips for Credit Union Disaster Recovery Planning

Credit union disaster recovery planning is about as exciting as growing turnips. However, disaster recovery plans are absolutely essential. Without them, a hurricane, fire, earthquake, or other disaster could destroy your credit union’s data and ability to function. We’ve noticed a few common credit union disaster recovery mistakes in our dozen years of consulting. We…

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What is Unique About Ongoing Operations’ Credit Union Disaster Recovery Solution?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the last few years, it’s that natural disasters affect countless thousands of Americans every year. Fires, storms, floods, and the occasional polar vortex threaten just about every person and every business. Accordingly, credit unions are required by the NCUA to prepare for such crises through disaster recovery planning.…

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Does My Credit Union Need a Disaster Recovery Solution?

While credit unions are certainly beset by a large number of rules and regulations, much of the red tape is designed to ensure their continuing success. Simply put, you need a credit union disaster recovery solution. We’ll explore why below. Disaster recovery is business strategy aligned toward continuing operations in the event of a natural…

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Why is Business Continuity Planning Important for Credit Unions?

Let’s just start with the basics: credit union business continuity plans are important for credit unions. Talk to any disaster recovery expert and they’ll tell you as much. But if you’re not a disaster recovery expert, you may want to know why it’s important. Business continuity planning foryour credit union is important for three major…

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What is Included in Business Continuity Planning for Credit Unions?

In a perfect world, every business works as planned with no hiccups, interruptions, or setbacks. In the real world, however, not everything runs so smoothly. Robust credit union business continuity planning keeps your credit union running even while other things are going wrong. The whole philosophy behind credit unions is that they provide necessary services…

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Preparing your Credit Union for a Hurricane

Hurricane season is upon us. After a nightmarish 2017 hurricane season featuring monster storms such as Harvey, Irma, and Maria, many in the U.S. are hoping for a quieter year. However, if we learned anything from these superstorms, we have learned that we need to be prepared and have a plan in place in case…

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