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5 Considerations for Building Credit Union Disaster Recovery Plans

Building credit union disaster recovery plans isn’t the easiest thing in the world. There are numerous difficult logistical problems to address, and they’re all important. We’ll try to distill some of the more pressing issues into a “top 5”for this article. If you’re building your credit union disaster recovery plan now, or if you’re revisiting…

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2019 Credit Union Technology Trends to Watch

Wow.  What a year! The credit union and FinTech worlds are frothy and lots of change is underway. This year, some of the walls came down and credit unions saw more of the real world. Digital Credit Union has an incubator fostering FinTech Startups and the Boston FinTech Community. NACUSO’s Next Big Idea Competition brought in new…

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What is a QBR and should a credit union require it from their strategic IT service providers?

Many clients ask for metrics and SLAs when it comes to their IT performance related to key vendors. One tool that can provide such insight is Ongoing Operations’ QBR (Quarterly Business Review) report. Whether in-house or hosted, IT departments need visibility into their infrastructure. This includes the following key areas: • Network / Telecom •…

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If I was running a credit union: The insider/outsider perspective

Do you ever have members who apply for loans that aren’t right for them, or who make financial mistakes that you has a banker would easily avoid?  Or maybe you have a friend who repeats the same self-destructive behavior over and over again, and the problem is obvious to everyone else but them?  I can’t…

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If You Could Track Member Data Like Cash In a Branch, Would you?

In every credit union I have worked in, the credit union knows where every ounce of cash is at all times. We know which drawers have it, which tellers, which locations and which vaults. It is highly guarded and verified constantly. Strangely, however, most credit unions’ approach to IT security isn’t as sophisticated. Instead we…

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Stop Doing These 3 Things If You Want Your Credit Union Member Information Safe

You’ve worked really hard to protect your Credit Unions member information from the obvious threats (think ransom hacker or dumpster diver). You have a firewall and some sort of alphabet soup strategy containing IDS/IPS appliances, DDoS mitigation services and quite possibly a SEIM monitoring application. So why then, are we still hearing about breaches? Simply…

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What can Credit Unions Learn About Crisis Management Planning from Lance Armstrong?

When all hell broke loose this past fall with the USADA stripping Lance Armstrong of all 7 Tour De France titles and most recently his admission of guilt to Oprah, the LIVESTRONG Foundation came under scrutiny that threatened the very survival of the organization. Donors were crying fraud, lawyers were lining up to sue, etc. The future looked grim for those associated with the foundation.

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