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2019 Credit Union Technology Trends to Watch

Wow.  What a year! The credit union and FinTech worlds are frothy and lots of change is underway. This year, some of the walls came down and credit unions saw more of the real world. Digital Credit Union has an incubator fostering FinTech Startups and the Boston FinTech Community. NACUSO’s Next Big Idea Competition brought in new…

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Cloud Hosting for Credit Unions: Misconceptions and Strategies

What should my credit union pay attention to when using the Cloud and what should I be aware of before going to the Cloud? When credit unions come to Ongoing Operations, many have questions about the Cloud and what they should be aware of when looking for a Cloud service provider. When discussing the Cloud,…

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Advantages of Managed Hosting

In this blog we will dive into the advantages of managed hosting. There are many advantages of having your production environment within Ongoing Operations’ managed environment rather than running it in-house at your Credit Union. Once you are running in the managed environment, if you ever need more resources for a server, or if you…

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