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Critical Microsoft Windows Patches Released: Cyber Tip of The Month January 2020

On Tuesday, 1/14/20, Microsoft released updates to fix 49 vulnerabilities as part of their Patch Tuesday cycle. The vulnerabilities patched in the Windows CryptoAPI and Remote Desktop Protocol are of particular concern due to their severity and implications for security on affected devices. Following the summary below are links to articles related to these vulnerabilities.…

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DIY Patching vs Managed Patching for Credit Unions

Many Americans are starting to worry that their information isn’t safe. It’s a reasonable fear. After all, security breaches to Equifax and Capital One show that even massive financial institutions are at risk. And such breaches are only expected to increase in the coming years. With that in mind, it’s more important than ever that…

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What Are the Basics of Managed Patching for Credit Unions?

One of the cornerstones of cybersecurity practices is patching. Now, patching isn’t glamorous work, but it’s just the sort of work that keeps your credit union—and all of its members—safe. Patching is also mandatory, so there’s that. And it’s surprisingly tedious. And, for a security requirement required by law, it’s surprisingly easy to put off…

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