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Is Your Credit Union Telecom Strategy Outdated?

Voice communications are extremely important to your Credit Union. This post will dive into Credit Union telecom. From your call centers to your collections office, your members and staff rely on solid voice capabilities.  In fact, voice/telecom systems are often listed as critical during the Business Impact Analysis (BIA).  Yet each week I see Credit…

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Top Four Considerations For Recovering Your Credit Union Network

Ongoing Operations has worked with hundreds of Credit Unions and seen numerous disaster recovery strategies brought to their knees by poor connectivity choices.   In many ways, we would argue the most important technology decision you will make in your IT Disaster Recovery plan involves connectivity.  Almost everyone will require the following items to be accounted for…

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How Do You Evaluate MPLS Providers?

I have worked in financial institutions and technology for my entire career.  Over time, I have seen the transition from Frame Relay and ISDN lines to the current Ethernet, Fiber and MPLS world.  One of the things that my clients regularly ask me is “how should we evaluate MPLS carriers.”  Time and time I have…

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What is colocation and how does it apply to Credit Unions?

Generally Credit Union colocation is the concept of outsourcing your data center. Instead of building your own data center and providing the generator, UPS, cooling, fire supression etc. you purchase a rack of space, a cage or some custom space from a colocation provider. Than the Credit Union, or business, puts its equipment (servers, switches, SANs, etc.) in the colocation providers data center and runs it remotely. The services from the colocation provider will usually need to include…

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