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What Are Your Options to Recover Your Servers?

So, you have a disaster. What are your credit union server recovery options? Take a deep breath. Sure, things aren’t going well right now. Maybe your SAN died. Maybe a server isn’t booting. Maybe you have malware. Whatever the reason, stress is high and everyone at your credit union is watching your every move. Of…

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Ongoing Operations Launches Organic Cloud Platform

Ongoing Operations is pleased to announce the launch of its cutting edge and completely organic cloud platform. How did we bring this revolutionary solution to the market?  What does it mean for your Credit Union? Learn these things and much more by watching below! Want to know more about this exciting new platform? Contact us…

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How Can We Survive With A Credit Union Cloud Solution?

I guess the better question would be “How is your Credit Union going to survive without a Cloud base solution”? Now that information technology basically oversees our personal and professional interest (from our appliances to the cars we drive) –  information technology has a part in our everyday life. If a service disruption occurs for…

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Credit Union Cloud Features Big Savings!

Sometimes you get so psyched you just gotta share the news! When we asked CEO, Jim Whipp  of St. Agnes Federal Credit Union to share with us his  experience with his recent OGO engineered IT infrastructure we were confident things were going well – but just how well even I couldn’t have projected. We’ll let Jim tell his…

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How Does Ongoing Operations Perform A Credit Union Disaster Recovery Test?

Ongoing Operations has participated in hundreds Disaster Recovery Tests (and real events!) with clients. Although everyone calls the effort a DR “test”, the approach we take with these is to look at them as “exercises” as they are also a learning experience. This is also a great time to identify gaps in planning so improvements can be made.…

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Identifying Credit Union Technology Gaps for a Faster Recovery

Conducting a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is the first step in building your Business Continuity Program.  The BIA report describes potential risks and the projected financial impact to the Credit Union when a business disruption or disaster occurs.  Equally important, though, it also outlines processes and functions within each department and functional areas and ranks…

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You Need To Keep Your Credit Union Data Backups How Long?

What would happen if you were called upon to retrieve Credit Union data backups that were from 7 years ago? Would you be able to do it? If so, would they actually be readable and in a format that could be read?  Credit union CIOs are faced with the challenge of retaining records to ensure…

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Should Your Data Vaulting Solution Be Encrypted?

Data Vaulting (or sometimes known as remote backup service (RBS)) is the process of sending data off-site, where it can be protected from hardware failures, theft, and other threats. Many Credit Unions are now using data vaulting as an effective way to ensure rapid recovery of critical systems in the event of a crisis. Even…

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What are the FFIEC Backups and Data Vaulting Requirements?

Keeping up with the multitude of options available for backups/data vaulting can be a challenge for even the most tech savvy Credit Union CIO. Not only are there different strategies (3-2-1, Full, Differential, Incremental, Mirroring, etc.) but other things like your existing infrastructure, location of storage options and RTO/RPO’s make this an especially difficult strategy…

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