Credit Union backup

Credit Union Backup is a key part of any disaster recovery solution. DR is what we do; we have numerous methods of providing secure data backup at a site geographically separate from our clients’ primary business locations. Whether you are considering a Cloud based backup solution or a more traditional means to move your data offsite, you data still ends up protected and available for your use in the event of a disaster. As with all disaster recovery and business continuity service providers, there is a sliding scale that dictates cost will increase as recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO) become smaller/shorter. The important thing is to decide on a method that will satisfy your organization’s DR goals and fit within your budget.

While a full Cloud-based solution results in hardware and data being completely removed from the primary business site, there are also additional options. While our Replicator utilizes traditional appliance based backup and replication services on the client side, the solution also utilizes the full power of our community cloud on the back end.

If you are ready to go head first into the cloud with us or just looking for some co-location rackspace to store your DR hardware, OGO has a solution to help offsite your data.

Cloud Backup & Recovery Services

  • Automated and flexible backups
  • Secure transmission of data via the utilization of VPN and encrypted communication
  • OGO has satisfied an organization-wide SSAE16 Audit and regular performs other security tests
  • Our cloud platform is able to run any operating system and virtually all applications

Secure Community Cloud System

  • OGO Maintains a full DR Plan for all of our Data Center locations
  • Internal Compliance Fulfillment
  • Custom Backup Solutions
  • Data Replication Services

Managed Backup & Recovery ServicesCU Backup

  • The OGO Replicator is a fully managed & monitored backup solution
  • Tier II Tech Support is available 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week. All support is US Based
  • Managed Data Restore Capabilities
  • Client completely outsources the entire backup operation to OGO

Dedicated Backup & Recovery Resources

  • Onsite local storage
  • Widows Log-based technology
  • Short term & Long term hosted virtual servers available for recovery
  • Database support

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