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Mitigator – Credit Union Distributed Denial of Services Solution

Ongoing Operations provides secure community cloud solutions, disaster recovery, and Credit Union technology solutions. As the leading Disaster Recovery & Cloud CUSO, we believe we are in a unique position to drive down cost and allow most Credit Unions to afford technology equivalent to large banks. This page provides and overview of Ongoing Operations Mitigator – Credit Union DDoS solution.

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Why Do I Need It?Some attackers want to disrupt your company through brute force, without Anti-Dos mitigation services you cannot prevent someone from taking down your website or company using the internet.
What Are The Likely Outcomes?OGO’s anti-dos service will provide realtime failover and rerouting capabilities tying both your production and disaster recovery platforms together for the most robust solution.
Why OGO?OGO has a unique partnership with Radware that enables us to provide onsite protection as well as high end scrubbing capabilities locally and offsite for all of key infrastructure.

What is DDOS?

DDoS, or a distributed denial of service, attack is a method used to deprive an internet resource of its ability to communicate with the outside world. They generally work by using a botnet, a collection of computers infected with malware, from around the world to send traffic to an internet resource. This fake traffic is then used to flood the resource, taking it offline for the duration of the attack or otherwise making it unavailable.

Credit Union DDoS Attachk

How does it affect your Credit Union?

Voice, Data, third-party connections all ride on the public internet. A determined attacker can overwhelm your internet connection and take down voice, data, website, online banking and other services thru DDOS attacks.  DDOS ATTACKS DO NOT JUST TARGET YOUR WEBSITE OR ONLINE BANKING. These attacks may take multiple hours to mitigate and create large distractions for IT Staff. Sometimes DDoS attacks are used to distract the Credit Union for some other fraud purpose. For example, one Credit Union recently experienced a DDoS solution and later found wire fraud was committed simultaneously that was missed because of the DDoS Attack.

Other Impacts from a DDoS Attack

  • Cost of ATM’s / debit transactions being down or in stand-in for extended periods of time
  • Cost of website and/or home banking being down and increased call volumes
  • Loss of member trust for services being down – Reputation Risk
  • Loss of branch productivity who rely on internet services to conduct work in many cases
  • Reactive cost to getting a solution in place during and after the event

Key Solution Features

  • Always On DDoS monitoring – All protected traffic flows real-time through OGO’s Mitigator Solution
  • Protect up to a 10gb attack locally – Volumetric Attacks over 10gb will be directed to partner scrubbing center before coming back to OGO’s data center
  • Immediate mitigation on attacks running real-time through OGO’s network
  • Load Balancer included in solution to process ssl for https inspection
  • Monitoring and Reporting tools for early detection
  • Local appliance available for additional security measures

What is different about Ongoing Operations Solution?

  • OGO Expertise to assist in implementation, mitigation, etc.
  • Connects to your existing Credit Union network
  • Lowering the price for all Credit Unions through CUSO aggregation
  • Works with existing OGO Telecom Solutions

How does it work day to day?

  • Passively monitors traffic
  • Looks for anomalies and known attackers
  • In an event –Appliance takes immediate action taken

How does it work in a DDoS Attack?

  • OGO and Credit Union are notified
  • If OGO Cloud or OGO Telecom customer – Immediate action is taken
  • If OGO Provides Credit Union Head Quarter Protection (where OGO protected internet service is primary)

         -OGO engineers notify CU of event
         -Mitigation begins immediately against attack

  • If OGO Provides Credit Union Head Quarter Protection (where OGO protected internet service is secondary)

         -OGO engineers redirect traffic through OGO Network
         -OGO works with Credit Union internet provider to filter traffic thru OGO
         -Mitigation begins immediately against attack
         -OGO Routes back clean traffic through VPN

  • If Credit Union has local appliance

          -Local appliance begins profiling attack and mitigation
          -Local appliance sends attack profile and mitigation configuration to OGO Protector
          -If volume of attack exceeds local appliance capacity attack is redirected to OGO for mitigation and clean    traffic is delivered back to CU.

How does it get installed?

If OGO Cloud or OGO Telecom customer – sign a change order. OGO adds Public IP Space to Protector

If Credit Union Head Quarter Protection – OGO Provides Dedicated Circuit or VPN Tunnel and then OGO works with Credit Union to configure routing

In both installations OGO tests to validate live connectivity and failover routes w/scrubbing work

How much does a DDoS Solution cost?

Our product is based on the size of the Credit Union and the requirement for a local appliance.  In general the solution will range from $500 to $3000 a month. In general the current commercially available similar solutions to Credit Unions cost between $5000 and $10000 a month.

Why should a Credit Union select Ongoing Operations Mitigator solution?

  • The only affordable AlwaysOn DDoS Mitigation Solution
  • SSAE/16 Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Intimate Knowledge of Credit Union Technology
  • Intimate Knowledge of Credit Union Regulatory Requirements
  • Intimate Knowledge of Credit Union Security
  • The solution will significantly reduce the risk of downtime caused by a DDoS attack

Why shouldn’t a Credit Union select Ongoing Operations Mitigator solution?

  • You want to control all aspects of the solution
  • You want to handle your own DDoS responses
  • Your Credit Union’s sponsor provides all of your IT infrastructure
  • All of your internet dependent technologies are already delivered by a DDoS protected IT Solutions Provider
  • You want to spend more money

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