Credit Union Disaster Recovery Hotsite

Credit Union Disaster Recovery Warmsite

If you work at a Credit Union or are part of the decision making process for selecting a disaster recovery or business continuity hotsite or warmsite for Credit Unions – this post will provide details of what you should include in your search.

Ongoing Operations is the leading Disaster Recovery CUSO in the financial services industry. We currently work with over 400+ Credit Unions providing a full range of disaster recovery, business continuity and community cloud services to Credit Unions. Here are our recommendations of things to consider when looking for a backup location.

Location and Proximity

There are five factors when picking an contingency location. These include the following:

Credit Union warmsite

  • Distance from your workforce (coastal Credit Unions want something far away – inland Credit Unions seem to pick hotsites that are within driving distance)
  • Separate power grid
  • Separate Telecommunication grid (internet connectivity)
  • Isolation from a regional impact
  • Transportation Accessibility (can you get to the location lots of different ways)

For more information on how far away your hotsite location should be click here:

Coldsite, Warmsite or Hotsite

Depending on whether you are going for Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery will dictate what you need in an offsite location. For more specifics on the differences between Coldsites, Hotsites and Warmsites click here:


There should be three basic components of functionality at every contingency facility. These should include the following:

When all the different factors are put together you need the right location in the right place with the right equipment. Ongoing Operations has four locations for you to chose from. Click here for more details on each location.

Do you have questions about how to get your data offsite to your hotsite or warmsite? Are you concerned about how to provide documentation to the NCUA for an audit? If you have these or other questions please fill out this quick form for more information: