Credit Union MPLS

Ongoing Operations offers production network design, configuration, and maintenance which provides Credit Union MPLS connections for primary and remote locations. OGO will provide the appropriate gear, circuits, and manage the routers for all of the Credit Unions circuits.

Information you'll want
Why Do I Need It?You want to make sure that you have high up-time, quality, and security bandwidth to all of your locations.
What Are The Likely Outcomes?Better performance and more resiliency than T1s. More challenging to manage and install.
Why OGO?OGO provides complete transparency into all components in the design, delivery and maintenance of the network. In addition, OGO provides a monitoring portal, NCUA compliance reporting, and the option of adding a built in wireless failover network.

Credit Union MPLS Diagram

Credit Union mpls networksCredit Union MPLS Features

PlatformConnectivity ChoicesPerformance
GEO Redundant
Multiple Carriers
Hardware Redundant
Locally Redundant
NCUA Compliant
QOS Available
Data Segregation
Built-In Failover
Fully Managed
Management Portal
NCUA Compliant
Security Reporting
DDoS Protection Available
Segregated Data

Perhaps you are a Credit Union considering upgrading your telecom infrastructure – maybe you are looking for better performance, more bandwidth or more flexibility. Multiprotocol Layer Switching (MPLS) is an extremely scalable mechanism for high performance telecommunication networks used by organizations of all sizes.  Credit Union MPLS is used by hundreds of Credit Unions to achieve higher levels of security, uptime, and performance.

Ongoing Operations Managed Credit Union MPLS solution is fully NCUA compliant and fully integrated with our Solarwinds Management platform that will enable the Credit Unions Technology department to have great visibility into traffic flow, performance and SLAs.  In addition, CU Control is fully integrated so that the Credit Union gets regulatory compliant reports that demonstrate compliance with all NCUA guidelines.  Both tools can be fully integrated from the Router level down to the Managed Switch level giving you unparalleled access into your Credit Union network.