Crisis Management Notification System (CMNS) – SMS, Voice and Email

CMNS is a high speed notification system designed for crisis management, information distribution, employee mobilization and first responder communication. Using pre-designed templates and stored databases, the system quickly contacts all individuals on the list via emails, mobile SMS texts, or recorded voice messages. The messages provide response information and instructions. When received, the recipients reply to the CMNS for tracking in the exclusive “Who’s Missing” reporting system as well as the system tracking reports before reporting for duty.

Information you'll want
Why Do I Need It?In business disruption scenario’s (snow, power outages) and disaster situations, it can be chaotic to track down key employees which are key for recovering the organization.
What Are The Likely Outcomes?Contact all employees within minutes with critical information and validate that they got the message
Why OGO?CMNS is integrated into the BCP software solution and provides for quick access during a recovery.

With an easy to use interface, CMNS allows you to quickly execute your crisis communication plan. Remember, quick and accurate communications can save lives! Relying on call trees or even website updates can cost you valuable time during an incident. With two-way communications built in, employees are able to acknowledge and/or respond to the incoming message giving you the information you need to assess the situation and take appropriate recovery action steps.

Crisis Management Notification System Screenshot

crisis management notification system

Having a great interface is one thing but the functionality must meet the needs of your crisis management team. When researching crisis management notification systems look for features as described below.

CMNS Features

Test Messaging (SMS)
Email Support
Voice - Phone Support
Integrated with BCP Portal
Missing Persons Report
Two Way Messaging
Mobile Support
Bulk Notification Delivery
Real-Time Communications Support
Supports Internal and External Communcations