CU CONTROL – Mobile Device Management

littlephone CU CONTROL – Mobile Device Manager


Mobile Device Management Made Easy

Your Credit Union pays a lot of money for their staff to have mobile devices and they want to protect the data on those devices and reduce the cost of replacing devices.

With CU Control – Mobile Manager we’ve made it easy for you to setup, manage and track these devices so you can add this high-margin offering to your list of services


Configure email through N-able so you don’t need the device to be present and manually go through the setup screens Quickly recover missing devices and sensitive company data by finding its location, sending a message or remotely wiping data. Ensure best practices such as using a passcode and restricting access to features such as the camera or online purchases for select users.blank

Easy To Manage

Visualize your mobile device management
The CU CONTROL – Mobile Device Status report tells you everything you need to know about the devices you are managing.


Find Lost Devices

Geographic positioning for easy locating
View the current location or recent history of a mobile device to quickly track down a missing device.


Protect Your Credit Union Data

Erase unrecoverable devices
There is a staggering amount of business data on employee mobile devices. Your customers need you to be able to wipe an unrecoverable device so sensitive data is not lost.