A Holistic Approach To Credit Union Managed Security

Credit Union Managed Security

Ongoing Operations understands that are clients have very high security requirements.  Member data is critical to protect and Ongoing Operations is always looking to make sure that our solutions don’t add to YOUR Risk profile.  To that end – our Managed Security Solution kit is derived from all of the tools that we use to protect our disaster recovery and hosted cloud products.  The tool kit is available for our clients to either extend into their own production environments in a hybrid mode or to fully manage on the Ongoing Operations secure community cloud.  Just like you, we practice a defense in depth strategy and have assembled the following solutions for use in your environment.

Our solutions are designed to make your life much easier.  We have mapped each solution to the NCUA Aries check list and provide you with a fully integrated compliance report to demonstrate to the NCUA that you are compliant in every way possible.

Information you'll want
Why Do I Need It?Making sure nobody accesses your critical data requires a minimum of a firewall. Plus the regulators require it.
What Are The Likely Outcomes?
A managed firewall means that OGO installs, manages, patches and ensures that the firewall is always up and protecting key systems and data.
Why OGO?If OGO is providing your hosting infrastructure, our managed firewall will work seamlessly with everything else and provide one phone number to call at all times.

Credit Union managed security


Managed Security Features

Platform CapabilitiesFlexibilityCompliance Features
Fully Redundant LocallyEnd to End SolutionsNCUA Complianct
Fully Redundant GeographicallyLocal and OffsiteCU Control Portal
Enterprise ProductsHybridSSAE-16
Fully ManagedAla-Carte OptionsPCI Available
Layer 1 - 7 SolutionsScalableAries Checklist Integrated

NCUA Requirements

NCUA has a comprehensive regulatory program designed to ensure that Credit Unions implement and maintain a defense in depth IT security program.  In addition, Credit Unions are subjected to GLBA and sometimes additional regulatory requirements.  These programs require that Credit Unions assess their risks related to a variety of IT Security threats, put in appropriate mitigating controls, maintain the solutions, demonstrate compliance through reporting and involve outside parties for things like vulnerability assessments, penetration test, phishing test, and social engineering tests.  All of these are designed to help Credit Unions establish, maintain awareness, and ultimately protect the Credit Unions membership from an information security breach.  Ongoing Operations has built a Credit Union Managed Security platform design to provide all of the tools, support, and process to help Credit Unions meet their regulatory requirements and focus on their core business.

Managed Security Products

Information Security Exams
Managed Firewall
Managed Patching
Managed Antivirus
DDOS mitigation
VPN Design
Managed SEIM
Managed Log Aggregation
DLP (data loss prevention)
Secure Messaging
Compliance Reporting