Hosted Exchange Migration

How long does it take to move my data for an e-mail migration?

The amount of time that it takes to move exchange data from one location to another depends on many factors. Many migrations can be within a month.

Steps for an E-mail Migration

  1. Complete the End-User Implementation Data form. This will provide OGO details on which users get which features.
  2. Move the data. If your company has its exchange data located onsite or with a mail provider that has a very high speed internet connection, a data transfer through OWA protocol can be used to migrate each user’s mailbox to the OGO Hosted exchange environment. This process can take weeks, depending on the number and size of your mailboxes.
  3. Update Internet Settings. After the data has been moved we will need to change internet DNS information and MX Records so that e-mail flows to your new e-mail partner.
  4. Live Day. All users will login to Outlook or and enter their usernames and passwords. Mail will begin synchronizing at login. For clients with a small internet connection you may want to do this for large mailboxes on Sunday.
    With most companies, we start the cutover on Tuesdays late afternoon and the entire process can be completed by the next morning, if not sooner. Public folders excluded. Public folders are usually completed by the end of the week.

Do you have questions about what else is impacted by an exchange migration? Are you concerned about how best to integrate Hosted VOIP or Microsoft Lync with Microsoft Exchange?

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