Hosted Lync Installation

Ongoing Operations uses a robust installation methodology.  Our Certified Project Managers follow industry best practices to guide you through the installation process.  Our team leverages Microsoft Project tools to deliver a consistent on-time installation experience.   Here are the main steps in Hosted Lync Installation.


The first step in all of OGO’s projects are a kick-off meeting.  In this meeting, a project manager is assigned to you and will be responsible for helping you through the installation process with regular meetings and any other help necessary.

Data Collection – OGO collects user names, license levels for each, company Admins, billing contact etc. This is done via a spreadsheet for smaller installations or can be automated in larger ones.  Once we receive the information we move to verification.

Data Collection verification – Level II Support confirms data and validates formats.  Once the data is ready we will schedule an upload into the platform.

Execution:hosted microsoft lync installation

Once all the data is ready to go, we will follow these steps:

  • Setup Company in Cirrus Control Panel (if not already existing customer)
  • Migrate users into Cirrus control panel (if not already setup)
  • Assign proper license to each their user account
  • Setup Phone number for VoIP integration in Cirrus (if combined with our VoIP services and Enterprise ordered- VoIP setup items not included here)
  • Install Lync locally for all users Test Lync with test user(s)
  • Provide User notification/Welcome guide


OGO provides two levels of training during installation:

  • Training for Company Admins in Cirrus – including how to open support tickets, moves, adds or changes, and employee add/remove features.
  • Lync Training (Standard or Enterprise specific) for end users.  If needed we will even come on site to train your company – we can’t teach you how to talk to each other though…

Clean-up and Follow-up

After you have moved to the new platform, users are trained and things are quite – we will follow up on any outstanding issues and review the billing.  At that point, you will be turned over to our awesome support team.

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