Virtual Desktop Implementation

Windows Hosted Virtual DesktopHosted Virtual Desktop Implementation

There is a lot that goes into properly implementing Hosted Virtual Desktop. Fortunately, Ongoing Operations has a crack team of engineers to handle the leg work and all we need from you, the client, is information about your users, applications, and all data you want to migrate into the cloud. If you have decided to go with OGO Virtual Desktop, it is very unlikely that it is the only service of ours you will be utilizing. Obviously all of your other services will also have to be implemented, but for the sake of this outline on implementing Hosted Virtual Desktop we will focus mainly on the desktop.

After Signing the Contract

Upon signing a contract the following steps will be taken:

  • Handoff form from Sales to Implementation
  • Client Kick-Off Call and final scoping
  • Work Assignments (mainly involving user data information)
  • Application Migration Plans Established
  • Microsoft Project Plan Established and Distributed to Client
  • Regular Meetings throughout installation process
  • Final Sign-off and hand off to support team.

Pre-Implementation Planning

Before any users are created, but after you have made the final decision to go with virtual desktop, our implementation team will be in touch to discuss your current environment, what you like about it, and what you want to be different. This will guide our implementation plan and ensure we provide all of the features and functionality you are looking for.

If you have custom applications or other database resources you would like to be available to your users, those will also have to be set up before your virtual desktop environment goes live. Depending on the application/database, this can be an involved process, but do not worry, you are in good hands. Although your applications are essential to your virtual desktop environment, these are different implementation processes that will be described in greater detail later.

User Configuration

Actual Hosted Virtual Desktop implementation begins with your users.  The following information must be obtained during the implementation process:

  • User List (either created or exported from Active Directory) –  We can provide a program to make this easy.
  • Application usage List – Identifies which users use which software
  • User Types – Identification of groupings or departments of users that share common requirements
  • Security Profiles for each user
  • Webfiltering Profile

Data Transfer Process

How do you transfer your data to us? Depending on the size of the volume, you can either upload your files to our secure FTP site, or we will mail you out as many hard drives as are necessary for you to send back to us.

Now that your users, applications, and data are setup, our implementation team goes through a testing process with key team members on the client side. Once everyone is satisfied, your Hosted Virtual Desktop Environment is live!

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