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Call Recording

Benefits of Cloudworks Call Recording

Call Recording
  • No proprietary playback requirements-uses standard MP3 files
  • Integrates with Salesforce and Sugar CRM
  • Records “in the cloud” giving mobile workers the same capability as your office team

Why do you need to record phone calls?
There are many reasons that companies record calls. Some horizontal, some vertical. Industries of all types have realized the importance of call recording as a result of new government regulations and possible litigation. It assures accuracy, serves as a “memory aid” in conflict resolution, and creates an effective training tool. Recorded calls can be used in training programs or may be necessary to prove adherence to government and industry regulations. Recording calls is important and is a fundamental requirement for business phone systems today.

More Benefits of Cloudworks Call Recording

  • Track Phone Activity, Employee Productivity, Security & Confidentiality: Tracking the total call volume, call duration and various other statistics for individual extensions as well as groups
  • Track Employee Calls: Tracking employees making toll free calls, potentially fraudulent calls and calls to competition to leak information
  • Track Incoming Calls: Tracking threat calls or 9-1-1 calls
  • Tracking the Markets and Advertisements: Analyzing which advertising campaign in what media provided the best return on investment. Tracking where your customers and markets are based on the area code.
  • Optimizing Resources and Costs: Ensuring that none of the trunks or extensions are left unused or broken. Ensuring that the staff is scheduled based on the call volume during various times of the day.
  • Proof of Call/ Liability: Proof of calls to protect against someone holding the business liable
  • Reviewing a Phone Conversation: Search and listen to an important conversation with a client
  • Quality Monitoring and Training: Ensuring that the employees are providing the right information to the customers and provide high quality service and support
  • Employee Training: Providing a set of good and bad calls as a part of training to a new employee
  • Ensuring Quality: Ensuring consistency and accuracy across your employees giving information over the phone
  • Security: Listen to threatening calls coming into the facility

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