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Simultaneous Ring

For many people, being in the office all day everyday is not realistic. You may be on the road from time to time, or you may be working in a different office. Simultaneous Ring is a service that can send your incoming calls to wherever you are.

This feature rings all of your pre-programmed numbers at once. It has the power to call your office phone, cell phone, even your home phone simultaneously, so you’ll never miss another call. That means the next time you get an important call at your office, but your on the road, you won’t miss it. Simultaneous Ring has the power to make your office mobile.

Simultaneous Ring

And, Simultaneous Ring can be turned on anywhere you get an internet connection, via your personal web portal. Simultaneous Ring makes it simple to never miss another important call.

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(Sequential Ring)

Similar to Simultaneous Ring is Sequential Ring. This feature works just like Simultaneous Ring, but with a twist. Simultaneous Ring still rings all of your devices, but does it one at a time. Sequential Ring will begin ringing one number and then continues down the pre-programmed list it “finds” you.

For example, the program may start by calling your office. If it doesn’t find you there it may call your cell phone. If the program can’t find you there either, it may ultimately find you at your home office number.

This feature, like Simultaneous Ring, makes your office mobile.