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If you don’t believe your companies building could burn down or that risk mitigation is worth the effort – than this post is not for you.  However, if you are considering if your company needs a Business Continuity Hot Site than you have come to the right place.  This post will cover the key elements that go into selecting a hot site, warm site, or cold site.  Click here for a definition of the three different types of recovery sites.  There are 6 key components that we recommend evaluating before you select a Hot Site. These are:

Key Featuresmaryland warmsite

  • Data Center Infrastructure
  • Communication Infrastructure
  • Work space or Staff Requirement
  • Transportation or Accessibility
  • Hotels or local community services
  • Location

Each of these criteria will must be weighed and blended together to help you make a decision that could one day be the difference between your company surviving a catastrophic event.  Click here for a review of hot site evaluation requirements:

Data Center Features

These days – every business we work with relies heavily on technology.  If this is the case for your business than the hot site data center infrastructure components are key.  Our minimum recommendations include:

  • Alternative Power Grids
  • Backup Power with Generators
  • Redundant Cooling
  • Security (SSAE-16 or PCI are options)

Communication Features

  • Redundant Fiber paths and providers
  • BGP Blended internet from multiple providers
  • Registered ARINS provider with access to DNS and ability to reroute internet traffic
  • Appropriate switch, router, and optics to support high-speed communications
  • SIP Trunk (instead of PRI for voice)

Work Space Features


  • Backup Power (different grid and a generator)
  • Telecom Infrastructure with VoIP Phone System
  • Cubicles (we have lots of them)
  • Computers (we refresh every few years)
  • Bathrooms (ideally showers too)
  • Provisions (food, MREs, water, etc.)
  • Secure Storage

Transportation / Accessibility

Each facility is geographically selected to have lots of different options to arrive safely and reliably.

Hotels or Local Support 

OGO’s facilities are close to lots of:

Click here for a list of Hot Site Locations:

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