Logan Capital V4 Case Study

replicatorThe Company: Logan Capital Management is an independent 100% employee-owned investment advisor founded in 1993, located in Ardmore, PA. Logan delivers the highest quality equity and fixed income investments and strong client service to institutional clients, strategic partners and individual clients.

The Business Goal: Logan Capital was using Ongoing Operations Replicator V2 product for local and offsite replication of their windows based servers. They decided to move to a fully virtual based infrastructure and with their newer technology, they were looking for faster RPO’s and RTO’s for a more resilient business continuity design. While Logan wanted faster RPO’s and RTO’s, they also wanted to maintain their long-term local backups.

The Solution: With the offsite replication expertise of OGO, Logan implemented Replicator V4 which provides clients with the fastest RPO’s and RTO’s that OGO has seen yet. V4 is a fully virtual based replication solution that allows clients to get data offsite as it is written to the server. This allows for the lowest possible RPO’s, and extremely efficient RTO’s when it comes to recovering data.

Michael Siravo from Logan Capital very eloquently described the V4 product: “Replicator V4 is a business continuity solution, while Replicator V2 and V3 are really DR/Backup solutions” and this could not be truer. V4 allows Logan the ability to get their data offsite quickly and makes the recovery process quick and seamless. However, V4 will only allow for 5 days’ worth of backups and Logan wanted to continue keeping long term backups locally. Because V4 only saves 5 days’ worth of data, it works great as a business continuity solution, but does not necessarily fit the bill as a backup solution. In order to solve Logan’s need to also have a backup solution, OGO advised Logan to upgrade their Replicator V2 software to the newer V3 software, and use both the V3 and V4 products as a parallel solution to solve both their business continuity and long-term backup needs.