Hosted Microsft Lync Features

secure cloud hosted voip pbx microsoft lyncHosted Microsoft Lync 2013: Features

If you like to know what product features are coming before you buy the current version this post will provide details about where Ongoing Operations Collaboration Suite is going.


The Ongoing Operations Collaboration Suite is a fully secure cloud enabled product that delivers a fully integrated hosted phone system with Microsoft’s office automation tool – Lync. Together they combine to provide the following features:

  • Chat
  • Video Chat (integrated with board room technology)
  • Screen sharing
  • Presence (who is available right now)
  • Conference Bridge
  • Remote Workforce Support
  • Call Center Telephony

Tomorrow (Lync 2013)

We are currently beta testing the following features:

  • Skype Integration (members or customers just Skype directly with the Credit Union)
  • New and Improved Mobile apps
  • Virtual Desktop Integration
  • Website Integration for Customer Service Functionality
  • Multiple Tile video conferencing
  • Integration into third-party applications

As you can see – both Microsoft and Ongoing Operations aren’t sitting quietly. As new features and functionality become available and as more and more of our clients use the Collaboration Suite platform – we will continue to provide updates and product enhancements.

Would you like to know what mobile applications and devices work with the Collaboration Suite? Are you concerned about making sure Disaster Recovery and Security are incorporated in hosted VoIP and Lync?