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Crucial Credit Union Budget Ideas for 2020

Having worked at a number of credit unions, start-ups, and mature businesses, I have officially been through about 22 budget cycles with different companies. We have crushed it, failed miserably, and somehow made budget through random acts of financial goodness that fall from the heavens. These varying successes with budgets have given me a strong…

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What Are the Basics of Managed Patching for Credit Unions?

One of the cornerstones of cybersecurity practices is patching. Now, patching isn’t glamorous work, but it’s just the sort of work that keeps your credit union—and all of its members—safe. Patching is also mandatory, so there’s that. And it’s surprisingly tedious. And, for a security requirement required by law, it’s surprisingly easy to put off…

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The Six Biggest Credit Union Patching Challenges

These are the six most common patching challenges we run into at Ongoing Operations. And certainly, your experience may reflect a different set of challenges. Still, we’d be surprised if your credit union hasn’t experienced at least one of these issues. 1.    Patching Laptops This is the issue that we run into the most here…

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Credit Union Core Hosting Guide

So, you have finally decided that storing your credit union core servers in your old school computer room may not be the best option. If so, then you’re in the right place: our guide for credit union core hosting. Maybe it’s because you want your crack IT team to spend more time on member-facing technology,…

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What Are Your Options to Recover Your Servers?

So, you have a disaster. What are your credit union server recovery options? Take a deep breath. Sure, things aren’t going well right now. Maybe your SAN died. Maybe a server isn’t booting. Maybe you have malware. Whatever the reason, stress is high and everyone at your credit union is watching your every move. Of…

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