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Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Business continuity plans aid in your credit union’s ability to recover from disaster and maintain operations for members. Clearly, it’s an important set of contingencies to keep in mind. Part of business continuity planning is having a business impact analysis (BIA). But what is a business impact analysis? And does your credit union need one?…

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Identifying Credit Union Technology Gaps for a Faster Recovery

Conducting a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is the first step in building your Business Continuity Program.  The BIA report describes potential risks and the projected financial impact to the Credit Union when a business disruption or disaster occurs.  Equally important, though, it also outlines processes and functions within each department and functional areas and ranks…

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How To Use Your Credit Union Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Results

Congratulations! You’ve completed your business impact analysis and feel pretty pleased with the results. The reports look great and you may have even presented them to your board of directors. Think you’re finished? Not quite! The real challenge is to take those results and turn them into something that will improve your chances of recovery during…

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