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How Does Ongoing Operations Meet NCUA Compliance Standards?

The financial arena is no stranger to strict rules and regulations. NCUA compliance standards for credit unions are rigorous, and trusting your credit union’s adherence to legal statutes can feel like a tall order. How do you know you can count on a third-party security consultant to meet compliance standards? For better or for worse,…

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What are the FFIEC Backups and Data Vaulting Requirements?

Keeping up with the multitude of options available for backups/data vaulting can be a challenge for even the most tech savvy Credit Union CIO. Not only are there different strategies (3-2-1, Full, Differential, Incremental, Mirroring, etc.) but other things like your existing infrastructure, location of storage options and RTO/RPO’s make this an especially difficult strategy…

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Credit Union Information Security – Where To Start?

As a CUSO providing disaster recovery and production IT services, Ongoing Operations works with hundreds of Credit Unions during the course of the year. And true to the grassroots nature of the industry, we like to share forward information that will help your Credit Union create IT efficiencies, improve recovery strategies and tighten security/controls. During 2014, there…

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What Do The New FFIEC DDoS Guidelines Mean To My Credit Union?

It’s no secret that a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack can have a devastating impact on your Credit Union and unless you simply are in denial – you are probably taking some sort of proactive measure to investigate mitigation strategies that meet your RTO/RPO goals.  For those in cyber-denial, an industry-wide wakeup call came from the FFIEC…

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FFIEC Credit Union Cloud Services – Part 2

In an earlier post, we reviewed a portion of the examiners guidelines for Credit Union cloud services.  Today we continue that discussion with a breakdown of more in the Appendix A –  FFIEC IT Handbook – Outsourcing Technology Services. Remember our goal is simply to provide an overview along with some insight from our OGO…

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FFIEC IT Handbook – Credit Union Cloud Services – Part 1

While researching a question for a client regarding cloud computing and NCUA examination requirements, my attention was drawn to the FFIEC IT Handbook – Outsourcing Technology Services section where they do an excellent job of outlining the expectations surrounding Credit Union cloud services (among other outsourced services).  Realizing not everyone has a chance to sit down…

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