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You Need To Keep Your Credit Union Data Backups How Long?

What would happen if you were called upon to retrieve Credit Union data backups that were from 7 years ago? Would you be able to do it? If so, would they actually be readable and in a format that could be read?  Credit union CIOs are faced with the challenge of retaining records to ensure…

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What are the FFIEC Backups and Data Vaulting Requirements?

Keeping up with the multitude of options available for backups/data vaulting can be a challenge for even the most tech savvy Credit Union CIO. Not only are there different strategies (3-2-1, Full, Differential, Incremental, Mirroring, etc.) but other things like your existing infrastructure, location of storage options and RTO/RPO’s make this an especially difficult strategy…

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OGO Replicator VS Evault

If you are evaluating or looking to change online backup solutions and specifically trying to evalutate the Ongoing Operations’ Replicator solution vs. Evault you are at the right place. The goal of this post is to provide general education of each criteria and than a chart at the bottom comparing the Replicator to Evault.

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