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Would You Pay Ransom To Save Your Credit Union From A DDoS Attack?

It’s possible I have watched too much crime TV in my lifetime – because when I hear the words ransom and extortion I immediately have visions of masked bad guys taking someone’s loved one and demanding some unspecified cash amount for their release. So, it was with some concern years ago when I started my Credit Union career…

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Mitigating Credit Union DDoS Attacks…Its Time to Push Back

In 2012, DDoS attacks revealed a new cyber security trend: attack campaigns that last for days and sometimes even weeks. Unfortunately, many organizations that find themselves under attack don’t know how to change the attack dynamics. Instead of working to halt attacks, many just wait passively for them to conclude.

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DDoS, DNS, ICMP, oh my!

Are you wondering when this DDoS issue really got rolling? Here is a post written by Robbie Wright (OGO Director of Implementations) from early 2012 looking at what was beginning to happen with the DDoS attacks on financial institutions. The technology world is full of acronyms. Unfortunately, many of the hackers in the world like…

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