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Cloud Hosting for Credit Unions: Misconceptions and Strategies

What should my credit union pay attention to when using the Cloud and what should I be aware of before going to the Cloud? When credit unions come to Ongoing Operations, many have questions about the Cloud and what they should be aware of when looking for a Cloud service provider. When discussing the Cloud,…

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Hosted Exchange: Archiving Options

Perhaps you are a broker-dealer. Maybe you are one of those people that wants to be able to pull-up an e-mail from four years ago to prove a point. Maybe you use e-mail as your filing system. Whatever the reason, e-mail archiving is a great tool for keep historical e-mail accessible and searchable. Ongoing Operations hosted e-mail enables you to add archiving on a per user per month basis. Here is a list of our top Archiving questions:

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What is a Hosted Virtual Desktop?

The first in a series on hosted virtual desktops (VDI) and how they will impact your organization. Ongoing Operations believes that Hosted Virtual Desktop is the future of how Credit Unions and other organizations will deliver applications and Credit Union technology tools to their employees.

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OGO Replicator VS Evault

If you are evaluating or looking to change online backup solutions and specifically trying to evalutate the Ongoing Operations’ Replicator solution vs. Evault you are at the right place. The goal of this post is to provide general education of each criteria and than a chart at the bottom comparing the Replicator to Evault.

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