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Critical Microsoft Windows Patches Released: Cyber Tip of The Month January 2020

On Tuesday, 1/14/20, Microsoft released updates to fix 49 vulnerabilities as part of their Patch Tuesday cycle. The vulnerabilities patched in the Windows CryptoAPI and Remote Desktop Protocol are of particular concern due to their severity and implications for security on affected devices. Following the summary below are links to articles related to these vulnerabilities.…

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The Six Biggest Credit Union Patching Challenges

These are the six most common patching challenges we run into at Ongoing Operations. And certainly, your experience may reflect a different set of challenges. Still, we’d be surprised if your credit union hasn’t experienced at least one of these issues. 1.    Patching Laptops This is the issue that we run into the most here…

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Should Your Credit Union Move to Managed Patching?

There are plenty of odious tasks in the credit union industry. That goes double for operations staff. But few of those tasks are worse than patching. That’s why managed patching services exist for credit unions. But should you use them? Only you can decide what’s best for your credit union. However, because patching is an…

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