Teneros Email Replication

Your Email Continuity, Security, and Archiving Solutions
Teneros Always-On® Application Continuity Appliance® provides you with the most cost-effective, reliable, high performance disaster recovery and high availability solutions for mission-critical Microsoft® Exchange 2003, 2007, and 2010 messaging, including Unified Communications and mobility applications like Blackberry.


  • End email downtime forever in your environment or in the Cloud with simple, reliable, cost-effective continuity
  • Reduce business risk by maintaining proactive service levels for your Exchange systems environment
  • Protect and preserve business-critical services and data, as 80% of corporate communications and 60% of valuable data is held in Exchange systems
  • Lower the cost of messaging infrastructure ownership by eliminating the need for dedicated in-house clustering expertise and/or a DR site
  • Improve IT efficiency by reallocating valuable IT resources to more strategic, revenue generating projects
  • Avoid capital expenditures in expensive hardware, software, and implementation projects for messaging infrastructure protection and continuity
  • Quickly recapture your investment by avoiding a single disaster
  • Scale your continuity solution over time by adding capacity as you grow, with options to expand from remote DR or local HA

For more information about our Teneros Always-On Application Continuity Appliance®, visit www.teneros.com or contact us at info@ongoingoperations.com.