Teneros Failover Checklist

In the case of Teneros DR Appliance going active (After initiating failover)

  • Check to make sure the internal DNS entry has been updated properly to point to the Teneros appliance.
  • Ensure external/third party/internal anti-spam and anti-virus providers are updated with the Public IP address of the DR site.
  • Update the external DNS for OWA to point to the DR site Public IP address.
  • Ensure the ports 443, 25 are open for the email to flow to the DR Site and the internal PAT and/or NAT rules are in place for the Teneros DR appliance IP.
  • Check the email flow.
  • Call (877) 552-7892 or 1-88-Teneros-1 (1-888-363-7671) if you need further assistance